I have breast deformity on my left breast and wondering how this should be handled. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my original surgery June 14th 2016. I had gotten an hematoma shortly after aND had a drain put in. While the drain was in, I had an active bleed, and lost alot of blood thru my drain incision. I ended up having the drain in for two weeks. Now that it's out my left breast is starting to deform underneath. I've been wearing a compression band for weeks now. Will the left breast drop and correct itself or does it look like I'm going to need corrective surgery? I'm extremely nervous.

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The compression band may help the left breast drop.  It may also drop with time.  The hematoma may cause a long-term distortion that will need a revision.  But at this time, the best thing to do is wait and see how things heal.  A revision wouldn't be undertaken for months.

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