Nuss Procedure with Breast Implants Already in?

I had a breast augmentation to mask my pectus excavatum. It worked wonders until now, I am just now finding out my condition is actually affecting my organs so I may be in need of having the nuss procedure done. Is it possible to do this without effecting the implants?

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Repair of a pectus deformity

This is  question that is best left to your thoracic surgeon.  I would imagine that he would tell you that there is a possibility that the implants may need to be removed or could be damaged at the time of your surgery.  

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Nuss Procedure #breastimplants

Certainly having breast implants and having the Nuss procedure can affect your implants. You really need to make sure that your two surgeons are working together to coordinate this surgery. I am sure the implants can be left without a problem but the real question is what are the percentages? How many has your surgeon performed in patients who have implants? Of those how may had problems with their implants? You need to be asking all of these questions. 

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Nuss procedure with implants.

Thanks very much for your question. I actually have a considerable amount of experience with this surgery. I do not think your surgeons will be very interested in performing the procedure with implants in place. I have seen significant complications from other thoracic procedures when implants are left in place.  I would probably suggest that they be removed at the time of the procedure then undergo the nuss procedure. 

Shaun Parson, MD
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Nuss procedure and breast implants

If you are having your chest wall deformity corrected and you have breast implants, it would be best to have your two surgeons coordinate care.

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Nuss Procedure with Breast Implants Already in?

It would be wise to discuss this with the surgeon doing the procedure. It would be well for that surgeon to communicate with your plastic surgeon when planning the pectus correction. 

All the best. 

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