Nurse Didn't Rub the Area After the Applicator Came Off During CoolSculpting, Is This Bad?

I had my Coolsculpting done yesterday on my lower flanks and lower abdomen. When she took the applicator off each time, she didn't massage the area down. I thought this was an important part of the procedure? Especially for the lower abdomen! I was so happy to have the applicator off that I didn't say anything, and I rubbed it myself a little. Will this hinder my results? I am so so very swolen as well. Is this normal? Thank you!

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Massage post coolsculpting

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To maximize the benefit of the treatment, massage is important. Coolsculpting will still provide you benefits and massage is not a must. Discuss your situation with the treating physician to get an explanation.

Rubbing the Coolsculpting Treated area or not?

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Thank you for your question.

Although many people do rub the treated area after the applicator is removed, it is not NECESSARY to achieve a good result.

Some swelling is normal after this treatment, if you feel that you are abnormally swollen, please call your doctor and be seen to make sure that all is well.


CoolSculpting does not require a rub down afterwards

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You absolutely do not need to be concerned that you will have any less of any effect from the CoolSculpting procedure if you didn't get the treated area rubbed. No studies show that rubbing or massaging the area would help you get a better result. The frozen area is allowed to thaw spontaneously by itself and the fat cells that are now dead won't be more dead by rubbing.  The result develops a smooth contour despite not being massaged.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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