I Have Numerous Flat Tiny Black Moles on my Face. Is It Possible to Have These Removed by Laser?

I live in Kuwait and the doctors here are not as well-versed as the ones in the US. I asked the dermatologist here what my options are and he said incision was the only way to go since they are flat and that he did not recommend that as there would be scarring. If incision is the only route, what would the scar look like? Would it be a light-red scarring over the area of where the mole used to be cause I think that would like better aesthetically than how it is now

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Mole removal

I would highly recommend that you see a facial plastic surgeon for consult and treatment.  It may be best to have them completely surgically excised. 

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Mole Removal

If the lesions are moles (nevi), then excision would be necessary to completely remove them and prevent recurrence.  You would be exchanging a mole for a scar.  However, your description could also be a condition call dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN), which is common in patients with darker skin types.   This can be removed simply with electrocautery.  Photos would help us differentiate between the two. 

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If these are moles, then the only way is to surgically excise them. There will be a scar about 1.5 time the length of the mole. The quality of the scar is determined mainly by the placement of the scar, and the genetic tendencies to form scars.

Samir Shureih, MD
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