Numbness and Swelling After Chin Implants

I am now 5 weeks post-op from Chin Implant surgery. The entire right side of my lower lip and chin is still completely numb and cannot move properly. I feel like a freak. Is this normal, and if so when can I expect it to be normal? Also, the implant still appears to be much too wide and boxy. Is it normal to still have significant swelling 5 weeks out as well?

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Swelling after Chin Implant

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Generally speaking, it can take 6 to 12 months to completely heal after surgery. Please keep in touch with your surgeon or his/her clinical team to discuss your ongoing concerns.

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Numbness and asymmetry after chin implant

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numbness and asymmetry after a chin implant is typically temporary and from pressure on the nerves but can take 3 months or longer to resolve

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Problems often Transient After Chin Implant

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The vast majority of patients do not experience any problems with a chin implant. Some patients do experience temporary pain, numbness, or difficulty moving their chin following a chin implant. These are problems that should be address as soon as possible with the patient's surgeon.

It is not uncommon for the chin to appear too large to the patient at first. It may take several months for the swelling to subside.

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Healing can sometimes take months

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Hi there!

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems after your chin implant surgery. The dissection for this surgery comes quite close to the paired mental nerves that allow sensation in the jaw area. Occasionally the implant can be placed in close proximity to the nerve, and this can result in strange sensations for some time after surgery. Typically scar tissue settles in about 3 months. If there is damage to the nerve from surgery, sensation usually does return, but it can take up to a year to completely resolve. In rare cases, the sensation does not return.

As for the movement problems you are noticing- this may be a result of a problem with a different nerve. The marginal mandibular nerve travels along the mandible and is responsible for movement around the mouth and chin. This can also be affected by the dissection for a chin implant. This nerve, if injured also usually has a return of function that can take weeks or maybe months. Again, in rare cases, some nerve injuries can take years or may never return.

The bottom line is that while it's unfortunate you are having these problems, it is still too soon to be worried about a permanent problem. Talk to your doctor about using small injections of botox in the meantime to even out the muscle movement problems.

Give it more time!

Tanuj Nakra, MD, FACS
Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

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