Numbness and Pain 11 Days After Radiesse

I was told that my Radiesse injection may have hit a nerve as I had a nasal surgery 15 years ago, which might have changed my face. Currently, I have severe and total numbness, constant in my nose, nostrils, upper lip, gums, cheek and lower eyelid. A few days ago, bouts of intense coldness and moderate to intense pain began, which occur about once hourly. I'm taking Advil, antihistamines, nasal steroids currently.There hasn't been significant swelling but after 11 days, I am concerned about the worsening symptoms, rather than improvement. Should I see a neurologist? Plastic surgeon? Get steroids, or wait it out?

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Trigeminal nerve injured?

It certainly sounds like a major branch of the 5th cranial nerve, the trigeminal nerve, may have been injured. I'd seek out the opinion of a neurologist. Perhaps Prednisone may help, or a course of Lyrica. Good luck with this rare complaint. Odds are it will gradually improve.

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