Numbness Getting Near Mouth and Upper Hurts?

1 week an 3 days after chin it hurts and the swelling ang numbness is getting near my mouth and upper jawline its stiff ang I cant talk it normal?

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Numbness will subside

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After having Submental Smartlipo you may have a tingling sensation post-procedure which will eventually subside. The area will also be sore for a few weeks, if you are experiencing pain please contact your surgeon. You will eventually see a contour in your jawline, enjoy your new look!

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Swelling and numbness with chin liposuction

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it's very difficult to say whether or not this is normal and your case because we do not know the details of your procedure. A slight increase in swelling or fibrosis in some areas treated with Chin liposuction particularly laser-assisted liposuction can happen. It's very important you go see her surgeon and have this checked out.

in my own patients they have experienced similar issues that often times are normal in their case based on the procedure that I performed on them. In some cases I have injected a bit of localized steroid to help him feel a bit better a bit faster.

The most common troubling issues after chin liposuction is numbness, tightness, or weakness of the lower lip. These things almost always resolve on their own.

best of luck to you

Chase Lay, MD

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Chase Lay, MD
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