Numbness on Left Side After Fat Injection

A month ago+ I had a fat injections. My left side: cheeks, under eye area, upper lip feels numbed. In addition to that all mentioned areas feels inflammed/ painfull, I've slight fever. Wrote to a Doc he said it is normal, have to give some time to heal. I understand ; however when the areas have imflammatory process dont I need to apply some cream?take antibiotics to stop that?. My Doc have no concerns, but I do. I need to know what meds I need to take at this point.

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Numbness after Facial Fat Injections

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Numbness, combined with pain and fever are not normal 1 month after fat injections to the face. You need to be examined by your physician to determine the cause of your symptoms.

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Fat injections for cheek filling

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If you are becoming increasingly tender, and painful in the cheek without touching it and you have a fever of 101 degrees or greater, you should see your doctor immediately in case there is a significant infection.  On the other hand if you have a subtle temperature elevation such as 99 degrees, and you don't have much swelling or tenderness in the area, then you may just have swelling and a neuralgia, or a sensory nerve (infraorbital nerve) inflammation which may resolve spontaneously, but slowly.  Sometimes, medication is prescribed to hasten the resolution of the symptoms.  See your doctor for an evaluation.

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The area of numbess is consistent with area of face supplied by one of the sensory nerve branches [infraorbital nerve] that may have been "stretched" during the injection. This also may happen in patients that suffer a fracture of they eye socket , and can improve slowly, though it may take months.

You should followup with your surgeon to be examined.

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Numbness after fat injections

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Numbness after any type of facial injections, especially fat injections may be normal for a few days to weeks as the tissues settle and the inflammation resolves.  However, if you have a prolonged process or are concerned of underlying infection or other problem, then you need to return to your doctor and see them in person.  Diagnosis can not be made over the phone, just as it cannot be made in this forum.  Good luck.


Fat injection

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Prolonged numbness after fat injection is unusual.  Inflammation after 1 month is also unusual after fat injection.  You need to find out exactly what the problem is before knowing what medication to take.

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Numbness on Left Side After Fat Injection

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You wrote to your sounds like you should SEE your doctor.  It may be within normal limits and, in fact, numbness following this procedure is pretty common.  But a significant difference between the two sides is a potential concern (as is the case with most procedures) and if it's associate with a fever and a sense that it's inflamed you have to rule out an infection of the injected fat.

I think you should get in contact with your surgeon again and be seen by him or her to make sure things are healing within an acceptable range.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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