Numbness 5 Years Post Chin Implant?

hi dr i did my chin implant 5 years ago and i am happy with my look but still the numbness in my lower jaw continues i have consulted the doctor but he is saying this will continue plese advise me what to do ? thank u

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Numbness After Five Years most likely permanent

Unfortunately, I agree with your surgeon that numbness after 5 years will not change with time in most cases. I also doubt that removal of the implant at this late date will cause return of your sensation.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Numbness will likely continue

If your chin implant was done 5 years prior, and you're still having loss of sensation in the skin of the lower jaw, I would suspect that this would be a permanent change.  It may have been caused by any number of physical issues with placement of the implant, whether it be due to compression, stretch, or laceration of the mental nerve (nerve to the lower jaw and chin).  I doubt that removal of the implant will improve this situation.  It's fortunate that you are happy with the appearance, but unfortunate that one of the known complications associated with chin implants has occurred, which is sensory loss in the chin.

Samuel Sohn, MD
Henderson Plastic Surgeon
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