6 days post op Cheek Augmentation, is it normal to have numbness after Cheek Implants?

Six days ago had cheek augmentaion with pin now left upper lip and half of nose area with implant area numb is this normal and how long before feeling comes back?

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Normal to have numbness after cheek implants

The numbness around the cheek implants comes from the implants placed very close to the maxillary nerve, which is the sensory nerve for the entire cheek area. It is normal to have this numbness for the first month or two after the surgery and 99% of the time this comes back without any other issues. We have only seen a couple of patients that have ever had any permanent numbness from cheek implants in many years of private practice.

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Infraorbital nerve numbness is very common shortly after a cheek implant

You are likely experiencing a temporary change in the sensation of a nerve fiber known as the infraorbital nerve. This is very common after a cheek augmentation regardless of the materials used to lift the tissues. Generally, the nerve is bruised or very gently stretched and feeling takes just a few weeks to return to normal. Don't  panic!  Be patient and speak with your surgeon about this very common situation. Stay healthy!

Todd Christopher Hobgood, MD
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Numbness after Cheek Implant

Numness after placement of cheek implants or a cheeklift is a possible complication, but this is usually temporary. You are only 6 days post-op. Be patient and stay in contact with your surgeon, sharing your concerns.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Numbness after cheek implants

Plastic surgeons/ facial plastic surgeons are always a little concerned when a patient of ours has some numbness, but most of the time it does return to normal.  If it feels really numb then I would call your surgeon and asked to be seen.  Sometime the implant can shift a little and press on the nerve.  Sometimes it is just due to swelling. The treatment might be repositioning or removal depending upon what he or she thinks after seeing you.

Steven Schuster, MD, FACS
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Numbness after cheek implants

ONLY 6 days! Wait if the numbness does not return after 1 month than get worried not now! Or CALL you surgeon for his advise.


Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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