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I received SmartXide Dot Therapy but suffered 3rd degree burns. My burn doctor went through my records from the SmartXide DOt Therapy and felt that the settings used on my face were "too aggressive." I obtained a copy of the records but I can't figure out what it means. Do these settings seem out of the ordinary: Area Treated Power(W) DwellTime(usec) Spacing(um) Passes Face Mid 30 1800 450 2 on mole Face outer 25 1600 450 1 Neck 25 1600 450 1 Chest 25 1200 450 1 Thanks for your thoughts.

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Unusual to have a deep burn with the SmartXide laser treatment

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SmartXide goes from microablative to ablative as the pitch goes closer to 200um. At 450 um it would be very unusual for you to develop a 3rd degree burn unless you had very thin skin.  Your settings may have been a little aggressive but not out of the ordinary depending upon your skin type.  At worst you may have a ablative treatment like the old style Ultrapulse CO2 laser.   

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