Number of Jabs of Anesthetic for Alarplasty?

How many is there? I saw in a video that the doctor gave like 8 jabs of anesthetic at areas around the nose and near the gums. It looks very painful, but my friend assured me that when she went for Alarplasty, she was only give slight sedation at the wrist....and said she did not feel any pain in the procedure? Can someone enlighten me on this? ( I know that's two questions but they're kinda interlinked..)

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Local versus IV sedation for Alarplasty

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Hello FlatNose,


Both methods of sedation could be used and patients will not feel pain using either. Some prefer the IV sedation (wrist sedation) thus entering the "twilight zone" mode while others prefer to be fully awake yet PAIN-FREE during the procedure and could drive home at the same day.


Normally, Alarplasty is a straight-forward operation and results are commendable when performed by a board certified surgeon of ample experience in the field.


Thank you for your inquiry.


Best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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