Numb After Breast Augmentation. Also Have An Indentation When I Raise My Arms? (photo)

I am currently 5 months post op and am still numb on the bottom part of my breasts. When does sensation usually return? Also, my Left breast has indentation/flatter shape when I raise my arms. Occurs when my arms are down too- does it look like I need a revision? PS lowered my crease and this was my smaller breast, is it normal for a double bubble/less round appearance in these specific cases? Would like to know if my breasts look good or show irregularity. All feedback is appreciated!

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Numb After Breast Augmentation. Also Have An Indentation When I Raise My Arms?

With a specific issue always best to post more photos, like a before, one showing the "indentation". In any regards, numbness is normal in some cases for up to a year post  op. All the other issues seem to be very minor when I look at the posted photo that in my opinion appears as a very very acceptable result. 

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Numbness after augmentation

A Preoperative photo to compare would be helpful, but it looks like your surgeon did a very nice job.  You have some asymmetry which is quite common.  We tell our patients that their breasts will be like twins, but fraternal ones, not identical ones.  The numbness is also quite common at it his point and may last up to a year.

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Numb Breasts After Augmentation

Dear Kooberry,


Thank you for posting your photo.

There could be multiple reasons why you are having the numbness.

I encourage you to seek a consultation with your surgeon because with photographs alone one cannot provide you with a solid diagnosis.

Best of luck to you and thank you for your question.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Breast numbness after implants

Some patients do have numbness several months after surgery. This usually gets better with time. As for the depression you see, it is difficult to see it in the photograph and best to review in person. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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