Can You Use Nuface After You Had Restylane?

I recently had a restylane injection on my laugh lines. I also have a sagging issue issue, so I want to use Nuface over it but I read somewhere that it might not be a good idea because it can deplete the filler? Nuface is a at home microcurrent system. Any experts out there who can give me an idea or an answer on this? Is it safe to use Nuface over restylane injected areas? Thank you!

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Nuface after Restylane

I suggest that patients don't have facials or microcurrent facials for 48 hours after injection. If you're past that point it should be ok. Home systems always have less power than in-office systems, so as long as you're following the directions and not overusing the device, or using it in unintended places, you should be fine. You can also consult your injector about this. 

Restylane and topical treatments

I would recommend allowing about 2 weeks post-Restylane treatment, especially if you had any bruising or swelling. Topical treatments to that area aren't going to damage your product that's placed deeper.

Sam Naficy, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can You Use Nuface After You Had Restylane?

I normally advise my patients to wait at least 2 weeks before any laser or facial treatments, this will allow any bruising or swelling settle. 

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