Numbness in Arm and Hand? (photo)

I am a breast explant patient and the day after when I raised my hand above my head and felt tingely and numbness. This occurred in my non IV arm. Is this normal? I called my nurse immediately and she said that I had some nerve damage in my right breast. Is that common for explant patients and will I live with this the rest of my life? A little abot how my day went- I woke up early, prepped our yard sale, so I was very active. Could it have been anethesia wearing off?

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Numbness in Arm and Hand?

     Some temporary numbness may be the result of positioning during the surgery.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Numbness in arm after surgery

Some transient numbness can happen it could be related to positioning, the blood pressue cuff, the surgical procedure, or none of the above to name a few.  Best to speak with your surgeon.

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Numbness in Arm and Hand after Breast Implant Removal

Most likely, this is temporary and will resolve. Make sure your plastic surgeon is aware of this and will follow it. 

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Numbness/Tingling after Breast Implant Removal?

As you can imagine, online consultants will not be able to provide you with precise diagnosis, advice, and/or reassurance. Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource in this regard.

 Having said that, it is most likely that the numbness/tingling that you experienced will be transient/temporary. These sensations are most likely related to inflammation around the nerves traversing to the upper extremity.  Given your activity level, a period of rest and/or the use of anti-inflammatories ( if approved by your surgeon) may be indicated.

 Best wishes.

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