Does Novielle Work for Cheek Augmentation?

I´ve been told by a surgeon that Novielle lasts about 2 years (maybe a bit less) until it completely wears away. I'm wondering, can it be used to for cheek augmentation or could this substance migrate to other areas of my face after applied? Thanks!

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Novielle GelPlus is similar to Radiesse

Hello MDC,

Novielle GelPlus is an injectable filler that is used primarily for treating patient's who have problems with their vocal cords (it can be used to "bulk up" the cords).

There are two types of Novielle: one lasts for about 9 months to 12 months and once absorbed is gone entirely. The GelPlus contains little particles of Calcium Hydroxyapetite (CaHa). The CaHa stimulates some tissue growth much in the same way Radiesse does. As such it can be used for cheek augmentation. I personally have not used Novielle in this way.

The risk of migration is there (theoretically any injectable filler can migrate) and there does tend to be more migration with longer acting fillers that utilize CaHa. However with an experienced injector this should not be a common occurrence.

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Novielle too new to determine how long it lasts in cheeks

Novielle has not been around long enough to determine how long it lasts. If you were interested in cheek augmentation, the best procedure for that would be cheek implants. We would be able to make an exact determination of volume augmentation by the implant itself. The implants come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different compounds. They can always be removed if necessary and are completely reversible.

William Portuese, MD
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