Does the Swelling Cause my Stomach to Hang?

I am almost 8 wks post op and when I started to do my exercises I noticed when I was on all fours that my stomach pools down in the middle and hangs also if I am on my side it slopes to one side. Is this still the swelling?

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Swelling vs Hanging Skin at 8 Weeks after Tummy Tuck

   At 8 weeks following tummy tuck, there is some swelling left, but leaning over to the side or bending over will reveal loose skin in anyone. 

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Does the Swelling Cause my Stomach to Hang?

The tummy tuck will remove excess skin, but will not restore the skin's lost elasticity. The skin should be reasonably tight when standing. If it were tight when you were bent at the waist., you would not be able to stand erect. Although this may be less noticeable with time, it is probably not related to swelling. 

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