Recovery Time after scar revision, umbillalectomy and pubicoplasty.

I had a full Abdominalplasty two years ago with many complications. Post op and months after I had many complications but because my abdominal skin went narcrotic and had to be removed and I developed a hematoma that covered my entire upper abdomin, the two sides beside my scar and it drained into my pubic area. I still get abdomin pain and swelling two years later and my abdomin and pubic area are very defored. I am having a surgery to correct all this. My plastic surgeon thinks 3 weeks.

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Revisions, plans and expectations


Sorry to see your deformity. Have a good talk with your surgeon about his or her plans and expectations. I would not be surprised if improvement is possible but absolute correction is not. Multiple operations may be necessary.  The length of recovery will relate to the extent of the procedure your surgeon has planned.

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