Flying after Vaginoplasty Surgery

My goal is to have the surgery in the morning and fly home that same night.   I've read that the second day is quite painful so I was thinking of going home that same day since the good pain meds should still be in my system.  For those of you who have had surgery down below do you think the first or second day would be more bearable. I've had a loop done on my cervix while I felt like crap the first day it was a bit more uncomfortable the second day and I know that was nothing compared to what I'll be in for with this.  Thing is, I have to travel for it 4 hours on a plane and 4 hours at least of driving home and I don't have family that will be there so I'm going to hire a student nurse to come pick me up after.  My husband is military and will be on tour so he won't be there either.....  Do you guys think I'm being to ambitious thinking of doing it all in one day. I know I'll just want to be in my own bed after.

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Coordinating Out of Town Vaginoplasty and Travel

Vaginoplasty requires a 24-48 hour post-operative stay in town to monitor healing, and adequate bowel and bladder function. Anything less is a recipe for disaster. If you don't have a travel companion, most surgeons have staff or visiting nurse services for any assistance that you might require. The need to be in transit for eight hours and a general lack of home support are two excellent reasons to heed these suggestions. There will be no expert to help you once you leave town.

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Flying after Vaginoplasty Surgery

It is always better to be near your surgeon in the immediate postoperative course.

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Flying after vaginoplasty

No matter the procedure, your idea is out of the question. You need to rest after surgery. You need to recover from anesthesia and need to be in town if bleeding or another issue occurs. At the earliest, you can probably leave on the day after surgery, but it is preferable to stay until the second day after surgery.

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