Help! Should I consider a BA redo? (Photo)

Hi! I recently had a BA done -240 cc textured silicone hp rounds. I really dislike the large gap between my breasts. My PS offered a redo with a larger implant. I am wondering if I should? I don't want to go from ok to worse. I already have rippling with the current size. I am petit - 5'2 and 105 lbs. I am very lean and muscular. I have breast fed 2 children. I am very unsure what to do and would appreciate your advice. Many thanks in advance!!

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looking at your photos your breasts are quite widely spaced. To get rid of this spacing you would have to go quite large and this may not be practical. Further discussion is called for

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From the 3 limited photos you show, I would rate your results pretty good.  You show the gap between your breasts using your hand in the after photo, but it is just as important to realize how much space you have in the before photo.  Your nipples were situated towards the outside of your chest, and the gap between your breasts near the bottom is pretty wide.  This is all normal, and just how you were made.  Larger implants, or a tightening of the pocket out to the side, or release of the pocket on the cleavage side may give you breasts closer together, but only a bit.  The rippling could be from the use of textured implants, or the fact you are so lean and thin, or a combination of the two.  There are so many combinations of manufacturers, sizes, textures and styles that it is hard to keep them all straight, but if you do switch, there might be a better fit to help achieve your goals.

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