6 months post Brst Aug. Swelling/fluid on one side after a run. Will this resolve? What could be happening?

Hi. I had a BA over six months ago. 240 cc silicone around under muscle. Athletic with little breast tissue. Right side is dominate side. Twice as sensitive and swollen as the other side from day one. Now if I go for a run I can feel and hear what I think is fluid. It seems to settle down but happens Everytime. What could be happening? Will it resolve with time? Should I continue to exercise or stop? I will try to get into my PS in 2 wks but have a 5k run on the w/e. What should I do? Thanks.

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A small amount of fluid is normal around an implant.  Theoretically, you could get more swelling and edema fluid after exercise.  Im not sure it would be enough to hear.  Running six months after your augmentation is ok and should not affect your final result.  

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