Do you think my eye lid will drop after this operation? (Photos)

Im so upset after this operation i feel like i have got a faulse eye the doctor was only lifting my eye lid to match the other eye dont know what to do now

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Hard to tell what is going on from these photographs.

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Perhaps you could repost with a more detailed description of what is going on.  That way we can have a better idea of your concerns and help you with useful thoughts about your concerns.

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It looks like you had a ptosis repair on the left side only.  Sometimes when we lift just one side, the other will fall.  Elevating the right side may help the left side fall.  Or you may need to have a revision to drop the left side.  Re-post with some before photos.   

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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More information required

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The pictures could be of better quality and more information is needed but it looks like you had two different conditions going on prior to surgery. The right eye is ptotic (droopy eyelid due to the levator muscle). This may be due to poor muscle function, damage to the muscle, a nerve problem, or stretched "tendon". Your brow appears to be compensating on the right side by elevating to lift up the ptotic (droopy) eyelid. What was said about the right side prior to surgery? The left side appears to have extra skin which gives the impression of a droopy eyelid. There are differences between the two conditions even though the general public will call both of these conditions "droopy eyelid". You could return to your surgeon to discuss what to do with the right eye as it might be appropriate to do a ptosis surgery. That obviously would come from a face to face discussion and not over the internet. If it is determined you truly have ptosis of the right eyelid you should see specifically an oculoplastic surgeon who is comfortable with this condition, evaluation and type of surgery. 

The scar should heal with time but needs to be monitored. 

Best of luck!

Syed Ahmad, MD, FACS
Plano Oculoplastic Surgeon

Operation on left upper eyelid

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Presuming that you had a ptosis repair on the left, it appears that you might be overcorrected and/or you may have ptosis on the right side as well. Rather than worry, please see your doctor for explanation of the appearance of your eyelids. You also have the option of obtaining a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the answers that are given to you. Best wishes.

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
Charlottesville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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