Never Noticed These Bags Before? What is Causing Them Suddenly? I Am 28 (photo)

I noticed these small bags under my lower lids today. They are not present, at all, if not smiling. I had recently applied Vitamin E straight from a capsule to my eyes the last few nights. I did not notice any allergic reaction (no itching etc) to the vitamin E, but could it have caused this? Or could lack of sleep lately cause this? So my question is, what are these bags? Aging? Dennie Morgan folds to an allergen? Thanks

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Slow process but got noticed recently

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Aging is one the most important factor for these bags and none of us are immune from this. It appears that you became acutely aware but if you look some of your pictures few years back, you may notice trace of these folds there. Early on concealers then Botox/fillers and eventually you may need some surgery to address your concern. The surgery can be performed by carefully placing the incisions below the eyelash areas to avoid scars. Most patients do well with lower eyelid procedures.

Houston Oculoplastic Surgeon

Causes and Minimally Invasive Treatment of Eye Bags

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Thank you for the question and your photo. There are numerous causes of swelling or fullness under the eyes. The things you mentioned are all possibilities (allergic reaction, lack of sleep, high salt intake, even squinting at your computer screen can be factors). However, the options for this are similarly broad. For my patients around your age, I recommend that we start with minimally-invasive treatments -- such as Botox or Dysport. Once the effects of this treatment are apparent, a more informed decision about other options can be made. A facial plastic surgery expert can help you in this process.

Eyelid Bags in 28 year old

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    It is possible that you had some allergic reaction, and the bags may get better with time.  If the bags do not resolve, there are some subtle things that can be done to help with this look without surgery.  See a board certified plastic surgeon of your choosing.

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Getting a few wrinkles whenever we smile is an absolutely normal phenomenon. Now all the things that you mentioned:  age, lack of sleep, allergies, high salt intake, may exacerbate that look.

Addressing those variables [obviously except age] may be the first thing you want to look at. If you are still unhappy with the appearance, the next step would be to consider botox. This will subtly weaken the eyelid muscles that generate this wrinkles.

Mostly, I would say not worry, as this seems relatively normal appearance with smiling in a twenty something year old.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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