Noticeable Premaxillary Implant?

Two and a half weeks ago I got a rhinoplasty with a premaxillary brinks implant placed at the base of my nose. I LOVE the results!! Unfortunately when I smile or make certain facial movements I can physically see the outline of the implant and makes me self conscious. Will it become less noticeable with time? does the implant just need time to settle in? I'm getting worried.

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Premaxillary Implant Visibility

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Time will certainly answer that question and less than three weeks after surgery is really early in the healing process. You did not say where your premaxillary implant was placed, down on the bone or between the bone and the skin. (subcutaneous space)

Visible Implant After Rhinoplasty

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Dakota, I have seen cases like this where the implant was somewhat visible with certain facial expressions early on in the healing process - with much less visibility of the implant as time goes on. Hang in there and be patient. Happy healing.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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