Noticeable Breast Implant Position and Sensitivity After Pregnancy and Breast Feeding, is This Normal?

Im 32yrs old and ive had breast implants for the last 10yrs. Ive recently given birth 7 weeks ago and breast fed for the 4 weeks. Since stopping I have noticed a drooping appearance in my breast shape which I dont actually mind as its given them a more natural appearance, but I have a few concerns that I require some guidance. 1) will my breast tissue continue to sag due to the weight of the implant pulling on the loose skin? also my nipples have gone extremely sensitive, is this normal?

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Sensitivity and drooping after pregnancy?

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Sensitivity can be normal before or after breast feeding, it usually goes away over time. If not I would recommend you consult your physician. Breasts can get droopy after being stretched by pregnancy/breast feeding issues. I would recommend wearing a good supportive bra 24-7 with the exception of taking a shower. You will get some skin shrinkage and possibly avoid a surgical adjustment.
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