Notched Nostril After Rhinoplasty

Hi I am on day 25 post op rhinoplasty.the left hand side of the nose is more swollen, puffy, and stiff. I am worried because the nostril are noticeably uneven and there is a notch on the left nostril which make it look higher. Can this notch be due to surgeon mistake? is it possible that this notch due to swelling and can be resolved after while? I live far away from my surgeon place and I don't want to visit him to just her that it is possibly swollen and can't do anything about it.thank you

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Nostril Assymetry and Notching 1 month after Rhinoplasty

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The best first step move is to send these photos to your surgeon so that they can best inform you of the reason for the asymmetry and notching.  It is very hard for me to explain why you have this, but here are a few possibilities:  you had this before but did not notice it and now it is more obvious, there may be dis solvable sutures that, once dissolved, will rectify the situation and there are other possibilities.  But best if you share these photos with your surgeon who will be able to put your 25 day post op results in context with your preop photos and the techniques performed during surgery.

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