Notch Inside Nose at Bottom of Nostril After Rhinoplasty

Hello, I had a primary rhinoplasty 10 days ago and have a question about the bottom of my nostril. When I was cleaning out my nose with saline yesterday, I noticed that inside my nostril (at 6 o'clock if you think of looking at a clock), there is a little notch or wedge. The outside of the nostril is together and seems to be healed however further inside the nostril there is a little gap. I guess I didn't notice before because it was always full or congestion or ointment. Will this heal okay?

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Notch Inside Bottom of Nostril 10 Days Post Rhinoplasty

The notch you describe may be secondary to a stitch which will absorb. The irregularity could be secondary to a separation of an incision line that will heal by secondary intention. In this location it will probably resolve as healing progresses. It sounds like a very minor problem.

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Notch Inside Nose at Bottom of Nostril After Rhinoplasty

It sounds like the horizontal segment of the inverted V incision used for an Open Rhinoplasty that's just on the inside of the columella.  This is and should be closed like all the other ski and mucosal incisions.  You might contact your Rhinoplasty Surgeon to see if he/she will trim the edges and throw a suture or two to close this up again.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Notching in nose

Without an exam it is difficult to tell but it could be from a suture. If you are concerned, then point it out to your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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