When Will I See Final Results from Smartlipo?

I had Smart Lipo on a small area of my outer-thighs 5 days ago. The areas treated were small fatty pockets on each outer-thigh, about four to five inches in diameter. I am concerned because I feel I look the same as I did before the procedure.

There seems to be little (if any) swelling and little bruising, so I'm concerned that this could mean I'm nearing my final results. I am trying to practice some patience, but I'm concerned at the same time that I might have just wasted a bunch of money. Has anyone else been in this boat? Should I contact the doctor or wait this out?

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Wait a little longer before rendering a final judgement

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Even with no visible bruising or swelling, Smartlipo does cause some internal trauma. It is too early to judge a result at 5 days and I would wait a minimum of 8 weeks before starting to make judgements.

Having said that, most of our Santa Rosa Smartlipo patients do see some result even at 5 days. We do tell our patients to be patient and wait a full 3 months before the final shape is there, but the patients can usually tell right away that there will be an improvement.

So let your doctor know your concerns and find out what volume (ccs) was removed at the time of the Smartlipo. Follow your doctor's instructions as far as a postoperative garment and keep in close touch. Ask your doctor whether it is common to see no change right away in his experience, and how much of a change you are likely to see given what you have experienced at 5 days.

Good luck in your recuperation!

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It is way too early to expect results

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LL Lock, After any procedure, including Smartlipo, 5 days is way to early to start expecting to see results. Any liposuction procedures causes considerable swelling that takes weeks, if not months, to resolve. With Smarlipo, you will have less bruising which may be deceptive, since you may associate bruising with more aggressive surgery. At this point, you should just hang in there and follow up closely with your doctor. David Shafer, MD New York City

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