Will my Nostrils and Tip Drop After Rhinoplasty?

I had an open septo- rhinoplasty 2 mo ago. What is going on with my nostrils? They are more turned up than before surgery. I did not request this. I asked that my profile not be changed. There is swelling between the nostrils as well. There were cartilage grafts put in and this was a primary surgery. Will the "turned up" tip return to normal? Will the addition of cartilage change anything in my outcome? How long does this area take to reduce swelling? Any advice is helpful!

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Nose upturned after open Rhinoplasty.

  An open Rhinoplasty tends to rotate the nasal tip between 5-7 degress IMHO and this should be factored into the risks and benefits of the open approach versus a closed one when performing Rhinoplasty.  Cartilage can be placed almsot anywhere so I'm not sure how to comment on how it affected the look, of your nose, after your Rhinoplasty.  Swelling can last for months after a Rhinoplasty and longer for an open technique that causes further disruption of the nasal lymphatics with the increased amount of skin elevation inherent with the open approach.  As always, it's best to discuss these issues with your Rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Post-op rhinoplasty

The photo you submitted is not a good one. Smiling affects the way things will look in a photo.  It is alwyas good to compare pre and post-op photos. Swelling certainly will decrease with time.

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Postoperative Changes and Rhinoplasty

It is very difficult to appreciate any of these changes without a full face photo and comparison to your pre-op nose.  You are smiling as well, and this can change the appearance of the nose. Despite this, it does not look like an overly upturned nose or the nostrils have an improper relationship.  However, if the changes are significantly different from the pre-op appearance, this can be dramatic for you.

Despite the resolution of much of your swelling, two months after a rhinoplasty is not enough to assess your final outcome, so be patient and communicate with your surgeon.

Best of luck

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