Nostrils Returning to Normal?

My friend was dissatisfied with the flatness of her nose so she decided to use one of those chinese clippers products. After around 3 months, she claims her nose looks squashed together in the front and that her nostrils had changed shapes. I told her that it was swelling and that it would go down, but a week later, her nose was still that bad. She's very scared that her nose has been damaged. Can that even happen? I heard that cartilage has "memory" so will it return back to its normal shape?

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NSNJ for Flat Bridges

I can't say for sure what has happened to your friends cartilage. However, what I can say is that some of my most satisfied clients are those who come to me with flat nasal bridges and get non-surgical nose-jobs. Many of these patients have so-called "Asian" noses, and are looking for something that is less flat and looks taller. You may want to recommend this to your friend, as it sounds much safer, long-lasting, and easier than clipping her nose. These devices may cut off blood supply and cause permanent damage. 

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