Nostril is Swelling from Inside out, Is This Likely to Go Away?

I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. About one week ago, I noticed that the skin inside my left nostril where it looks like the incision was made was basically turning/swelling from the inside out. It looks as though I have a bump right under my left nostril and looks terrible. Anyone looking at me closely can see the incision in this nostril. Is it possible this is swelling and will go away? I'm nervous since it only started to look this way 2 weeks after surgery but hasn't gone down since.

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Probably temporary but have it looked at!

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What you are seeing is most likely temporary and a reaction to the procedure. However, when you have questions it is always best to go back to your surgeon- remember that your procedure was just the first step in your relationship wtih him! Your surgeon should be able to take a look, tell you what is going on and possibly offer remedies to help improve it faster. Don't play with it or try to manipulate it yourself! good luck.

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Post rhinoplasty swelling

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I would go in and see your surgeon as soon as possible. If the swelling is coming from an incision line depending on the type of sutures used you may be experiencing a reaction to the suture. It may look like a small pimple inside the nose which could be caused from an ingrown hair, suture reaction, or possibly the beginning of a slight infection. Best to be better safe then sorry and see your surgeon. It is hard to answer the question properly without a visual evaluation so make an appointment with your surgeon and he/ she should be able to give you the proper diagnosis. Best regards!

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