Nostril Retraction Surgery 10 Days Ago, But See No Improvement?

Hello everybody, 10 days ago I went to surgery to treat a nostril retraction, but it turns out that after the operation I have seen absolutely no improvement, the nostrils are higher than before. My question now is, can this retraction be the result of post-op swelling and they will fall at least 2mm in the future (that’s where I wanted them)?, or did the doctor failed in his attempt to lower the nostrils? To address the problem the doctor took cartilage from behind my ear. Thanks for your help

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Nostril retraction surgery....



Lowering the nostrils is one of the most challenging maneuvers in all of plastic surgery. Its hard to say this early on whether it was successful or not. Can you upload a photo for evaluation. I could then give you better advice.


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