Is Notching Typical After Nostril Reduction?

Is notching normal after having nostril reduction? Does it mean that your skin is healing poorly? I had this procedure done with an open rhino and knew ahead of time a scar may be visible. I do have tiny notching around the nostrils though and it has been half a year or so. Just wondering if these little notches soften up? If not, does dermabrasion help? I love my doc and my results, it's just these dang little notches. I already asked him, but he said it just needs to heal still. I would like another view point though. Thanks!

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Alar notching after nostril reduction

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It depends on the cause of the notching. Generally, this is prevented during nostril reduction by leaving excess skin to allow for loose skin to contract. This may require scar revision if it does not improve by 2 years after surgery. I do not believe dermabrasion will be useful for this.

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A notch above the rest

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Rhinoplasty results usually take about a year to finally settle. You still have some time. If it has not resolved satisfactorily during that time then surgical revision can improve the notching. Lasers, dermabrasion, etc will not be helpful. Try a bit more patience. Good luck.

Improving notching after nostril reduction

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Notching after nostril reduction is not the expected or normal result, but can occur occasionally. If it is been six months since your surgery, my guess is that the notching will not change too much. However, it would probably be best to wait a bit longer before undertaking a revision.

Dermabrasion might offer some improvement, or filler, such as Juvederm, might be used to improve the contour of the areas. If these more conservative measures do not prove to be effective, then surgical excision with careful reapproximation might be beneficial.

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Alar notching after surgery.

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This may take a year to go away. If it is still there have your surgeon revise it. Dermabrasion or lasers won't help this problem.


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Notching after Nostril Reduction

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Notching after nostril reduction is a potential complication after nostril reduction. This notching can be injected with mild steroids (kenelog) if indicated or surgically revised.

It may be still healing depending on how long after surgery you are. I would not advise dermabrasion.



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Notching after nostril reduction

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Notching can occur, and very light notches will soften with time. Dermabrasion is probably not going to make a significant difference, but sometime filler can be put in for deeper areas. I suggest waiting for at least a year prior to exploring any revisions to this area. Best wishes, /nsn.

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