Nostril Impacted with Infection?

One year after deviated septum surgery, left side of nose started to hurt & was blocked. ENT sent me to another ENT, who in turn referred me to their reconstruction specialist. He wanted to re-break nose & take cartilage out of ear for repair. Asked if would relieve pain, he said no, so I said no 8 yrs later, started severe break out on surface of nose, left side. Dermatologists said had fungal infection. Told me to also put meds in nostril. Waxy pus started coming out, after half cup, septum exposed

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Infection after septoplasty

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It would be important to review your records.  The material that is leading to the infection should be removed.  Antibiotics directed at the bacteria and fungus should be used.  Then you should wait and be followed fo any other issues.

Infection in Nostril

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    Examination would be critical at this point as well as cultures and antibiotics or antifungals or antituberculars, depending upon the cause.  Also, it would be helpful to perform an internal nasal exam to determine if the septum has been eroded or compromised as well as determining if there is any sinus involvement. 

Nostril Impacted with Infection

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I am sorry to hear that nose got into such sever kind of infections. You must stick to one person for a long time who can treat the infection. Pus culture sentivity should ne done first and then a Couse of antibiotics based on the report should be given. once the infection settles down PS should see the nose as to what can then be done. Wishing you good luck.

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