Will Nostril Hang Change After Rhinoplasty?

i was wondering im 6 days PO from open primary rhinoplasty to minimize knobs on tip and narrow bones at the base of nose and a small graft made from inside my nost to lengthen it and turn the tip down. now my nose seems too upturned...which is opposite of what i wanted and my columella seems smaller less nostril hang between my nostrils i didnt think my dr was going to minimize that im not sure if he did or if its swelling do you think this area is swollen and my nostril hang and tip projection will improve???

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"Upturned" Nostrils after Rhinoplasty

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After 6 days it is impossible to determine the final shape. Tip swelling will make the nose look short immediately after surgery, especially when the open technique has been used. Patience is necessary.

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Early upturned nose following nose job (rhinoplasty)

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Noses commonly appear "pig like" or snout like in the early post operative period which is partially due to swelling. In most instances this vastly improves by three weeks and often sooner. However, it is difficult to make any recommendations without knowing the details of the procedure. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and give it some time for results to settle.

Columellar Changes After Rhinoplasty

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Hi Le,

"Hang" in there. It is too early after your rhinoplasty to judge what your esults will be. Your surgeon is the best person to direct your questions and concerns to as he/she was responsible for the changes made during the surgery. Wait at least 4 to 8 weeks to see how your nose settles.

Be well.

Dr. P

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