Only One Nostril Flaring Post Rhinoplasty, Is There A Way To Fix This?

when i breathe heavily one of my nostrils seems to flare up and change shape but the other one doesnt, that nostril also seems to be slightly bigger and they are assymetrical, does this mean i fractured the alar cartilage because i think they where the same size when the cast was removed ( im 9 months post op) is there a way to fix this is it easy to fix and how long to see the results

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Assymetric Nostrils After Rhinoplasty

Having only one nostril flaring after rhinoplasty is the result of injury to the dilatar naris muscle.  Generally, muscles heal spontaneously but at 9 months this is unlikely to happen now.  The assymetry at rest can be corrected but the only correction for the problem with vigorous breathing would be to impair the function of the opposite muscle.  This could be done with Botox.

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