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15 years ago I had a nostril enlargement where the alar sill was separated all the way inside.I am planning to reattach them.I have contacted a surgeon who said the alar junction will also be done.I think he is very capable, but he said it will only take 35 minutes. It this too fast? Another surgeon advise me against the surgery as it will leave a very bad scar when the alar sill is affected. If the nostrils are asymmetrical will I need to redo the whole surgery or can it be easily fixed? tqs

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Good photos are needed for rhinoplasty questions.

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I am not sure that I follow your question. Please post photos showing the area you are concerned with and I would be happy to give you advice on how best to manage.

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Alar sill revision rhinoplasty must be carefully considered.

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One has to accept the possibility that there could be visibility of the scar. 

My recommendation is to sit with your surgeon and ask to see many examples of revision nostril enlargement and/or narrowing procedure.  If you like what you see, proceed. 

If you do not see sufficient before and after nostril revision pictures to make you comfortable, or, if you are not comfortable with the photographic evidence, then I suggest taking a pass on it.

Everyone has a different healing potential.  The surgeon has to make an evaluation about how you heal and, often, the best evidence is prior surgery.

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