Nose,Mouth,Chin Relastionship..Pics Included!

I feel as though my nose,mouth and chin area arent in balance with each other..My chin is pointy and id like it to be wider and not as long.My nose tip is bulbous and wide and i think there is something wrong with my top lip! Judging from these photos is there anything you could recomend to improve my facial features? (Also i know that it is best to consult with a surgeon but i do not have the money as yet) Thankyou in advance!

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Chin face

You do have a short and pointy chin which is weak in your profile. You also have tension and tethering in your upper lip. If your occlusion is correct then custom chin implants with upper lip release will help you a lot.  i wouldn't recommend being very aggressive with your nose but it can be refined a little. If your occlusion is poor then you need to see an oral surgeon for jaw advancement.

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