Can Nosebleeds Be a Symptom of a Tumour, and What else Can They Be Caused By, Particularly when Cartridge is Dislocated?

My brother has never had nosebleeds as a child. He is nineteen and recently he has experienced frequent, heavy nosebleeds. Today a large piece of cartilage came out of his nose during one of these bleeds. He is on isotrenanoin, although he claims the nosebleeds began before this. He also has very low blood circulation. He has never smoked or taken drugs. I researched possible reasons for this and it seems that in some (rare) cases such nosebleeds can be a symptom of a tumour. Is this possible?

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Possible Cause of Nosebleeds

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Dear Fanhyu, Nosebleeds may be caused by multiple different reasons. Anterior nosebleeds usually come from a blood vessel at the front part of the nose. These are easier to control and may be treated by a surgeon or controlled at home. Posterior nosebleeds are less common and tend to occur more often in elderly patients. The bleeding usually comes from an artery in the back part of the nose. These nosebleeds are more complicated and often require the management of an ENT surgeon. Nosebleeds are more frequent in winter months and in cold dry climates. some causes may also be high blood pressure and certain medications. It is unlikely that a piece of cartilage came out of the nose with a nosebleed and may just appear to look like cartilage. In any case I  would suggest an appointment with an ENT specialist for a full evaluation for your brother. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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