Is it possible to straighten my nose and what are the limitations in my case? (photos)

I realize I might not get ideal results by doing a rhynoplasty considering assymetry and imbalances of my face, but is it possible to put my nose in the middle of my face and make the bridge of the nose straight? What are the limitations in my case (how should I adjust my expectations)? Another question: what can be done surgically to address my lip assymetry surgically (I'm not really interested in lip fillers) Thank you

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Nasal deviation

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It seems like the source of your deviation is originates at the dorsum, possibly the bony portion, or more likely the cartilaginous portion.  Any hx of trauma?  A septoplasty with osteotomies may be necessary to correct. 

Rhinoplasty for deviated nose

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Asja, it is possible to fix your nasal deviation with rhinoplasty surgery. Presuming you have not had previous nasal surgery and are otherwise healthy, there should be no limitations to fixing your deviation. In terms of expectations, healing can vary and depends on a number of factors, but overall you have a very good chance in having your nose be situated in the midline after rhinoplasty.

Lip asymmetry can be addressed with fat grafting. It may also improve with rhinoplasty if your septum is contributing to this appearance.

Grigoriy Mashkevich, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon 

Is it possible to straighten my nose and what are the limitations in my case

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Yes and fat gratis to lips might help that also. Best to seek ONLY IN PERSON consultations from boarded surgeons... 

Is it possible to straighten my nose and what are the limitations in my case?

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   Straightening the nose can be accomplished to achieve better balance.  This can be done closed without external scars.  I would have to have more detail about what bothers you about the lips to advise.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Asymmetry of face

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Everyone has asymmetry of the nose and face and some things can be corrected and others can not.  Depending upon your goals options may be available to you. Good luck.  The evaluation in person is essential.


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As you seem to indicate, asymmetry can be improved, a rhinoplasty by an experienced rhinoplastic surgeon, after an in depth consultation can improve your appearance. Call and set up an appointment. 

Expectations of Rhinoplasty to Straighten Nose

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You're asking about expectations of a procedure to straighten your nose and question the limitations of the procedure; I think you've already answered the question when you say that you may not get the "ideal" result. You may want to enlarge your lips but the pictures do not demonstrate any significant asymmetry. I may change my opinion following an examination.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Is it possible to straighten my nose and what are the limitations in my case?

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Based on your photos, you are an excellent candidate for a cosmetic Rhinoplasty.  Your nose can be straightened and made more feminine to match your face.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your nose, as well as your lips.  You may be a candidate for lip implants, or a minor revision.

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