Hit On My Nose, Doc Said There Was a Fracture, Did Not Have Surgery, Pain 5 Years Later?

i was hit in my nose and it was very painful and when i consult with doctor they said there is fracture but i didnt went for surgery and it is almost 5 years i still feel pain in my nose junction when touched by hands and even feel small sound when i shake nose junction bone .it has reformed to its position the (upper) part but there is little deformation in the lower part .what to do some time i feel little pain in my nose.

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Pain after nasal fracture

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Dear coolperson,

  1. Having some pain near the fracture site could be the result of scar tissue
  2. Can you see your original surgeon?
  3. You may want to massage the area to see if you can soften the scar tissue
  4. I would not recommend surgery for the pain, only if there is a deformation to fix

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Nima Shemirani

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