When Will Congestion Clear After Rhinoplasty?

I just got my nose done yesterday and I'm pretty congested.... I know I'm being impatient but I feel like I need to blow my nose so I can breathe again (even though I haven't). When will I be able to breath through my nose?

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Congestion after rhinoplasty

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Congestion in the nose after surgery is normal and for most people it is mostly gone by two to three months. However, as your surgeon probably told you, it takes up to one year for the swelling to be completely gone and so it takes that length of time for the nose to return to normal, breathing-wise.

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Stuffy Nose after Rhinoplasty

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Ask your surgeon if you can use over the counter neosynephrine or Afrin. This will help decongest your nose. Also Normal Saline nose drops will help as well.



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