Nose Looks Worse After Rhinoplasty, It`s Far Too Thick and There Are More Bumps Than Before? (photo)

I only had the operation 4 months ago as I broke my nose when I was younger resulting in a pretty noticable bump, it was made shorter but also much thicker. Also the tip seems to be more prominant than before and its not a smooth shape theres no definition to it really and it looks like its now bending towards one side rather than being straight. Atleast before the operation it was running straight from the front view now it seems like it isnt. I think its far too think and really uneven.

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Rhinoplasty bump

 If you had an open rhinoplasty, then the tip swelling can take 9months to settle. It is also difficult to assess your final result without seeing your pre-op photos.

My advise is to have an open discussion with your surgeon and see if  revisional surgery can realistically correct the issues you have raised..

I hope this helps and good luck. 

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