Nose twitching post rhinoplasty

I am about 6 months after an open rhinoplasty that included breaking my nose, and inserting columella strut and tip graft. I've recently been experiencing a tremor/spasm/twitching-sensation along the lower left wall of my nose, just above the nostrils. My nose physically moves when this occurs. Is this just muscle reinstatement or should I worry about cartilage grafts being shifted? thank you

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Nose twitching after rhinoplasty

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Dear earlobeinNH,

Sensation can continue to change for a year or longer after rhinoplasty.  It may be that the twitching you are experiencing will go away with time.  It is also possible that you have some other problem unrelated to your surgery.  I would return to your surgeon so they can examine you, answer questions and determine is any further workup is advisable.  Good luck

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