What Are My Options To Change The Odd Shape of my Nose? (Photos Provided)

I have a really odd nose shape, and I would like to fix it...I am only 14 but my opinions probably won't change. I'm wondering if it will make it look worse.

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First of all, there's nothing at all odd about your nose

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While there are a number of surgical and non-surgical options for altering the appearance of your nose, you must understand 2 things.  1) there is nothing at all that is odd about your nose, and 2) you are still growing and your nose will continue to grow and change in its appearance for at least a few more years.

Give it a few years until you have stopped growing (around 17 or 18 years old), and then talk things over with your family and doctor.  I'm sure you'll find that your opinions have changed over time, but more importantly it would be appropriate to discuss options for changing things at that time.

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Odd nose shape

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The photos you have supplied are very limited and do not show an "odd shaped" nose but suggest a flat broad tip and lower nose. While rhinoplasty can definitely improve this your age and your articulation of this problem as odd suggest that you are not yet mature enough to make a decision about a permanent facial change. Talk to your parents about it and thnk about going for some consultation when you are 16 or17.

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Changing the Shape of an Odd Nose

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First off, it is good that you are asking questions.  The more that you ask, the better your final decision.  Here are a few things that should help.  At your current age, you are at the youngest that I would consider for a female rhinoplasty.  Boys will have their nose continue to grow until about 16-17.  In my opinion, you are not quite there in terms of your decision.  What you really want to think through is what in particular makes your nose look odd to you.  My patients ask all the time what I think should be done.  Although I will tell them what I am seeing that deviates from the ideal aesthetic nose, I emphasize that what really matters is what they think, not what I think.  Remember that you are going to be the one who wakes up every morning and looks at your nose in the mirror.  You want a nose that is pleasing to you, not pleasing to me.  Go for a few consultations and tell the surgeon that you're not sure what you want to do yet.  A good physician will help guide you to the right decision.  Take your time and only decide once you are sure how you want to change your odd nose. 

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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Planning rhinoplasty

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When considering rhinoplasty understanding what you like, and what you wish to change is very important. Your nose does not look odd, though there are things you might not like about it, and your nose will not look worse if rhinoplasty is well planned and thought out. As you finish growing, start to do your research to help your surgeon know what you like and what you don't.

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Odd shaped nose?

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From your photos your nose does not look "odd". To me it looks a bit small and wide but certainly not "odd". At age 14 your nose has not finished growing so be patient, it's going to change over the next few years.

Options to change nose at age 14.

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At your present age, your nose may not have yet reached its "final" adult growth. This should occur relatively soon, but as an example, I did my own daughter's rhinoplasty when she was 15 years old. By that age, her growth had been stable for a year, and she had asked about changing her nose since age 12.

So, during the next year or so, after which you should be able to honestly assert that your height, weight, and bra size have not changed, you should start researching rhinoplasty doctors. You should also make sure your parents are aware of your concerns about your nose, are willing to consent to surgery (or else you will have to wait until age 18), and you have come to an agreement as to who pays for what! This is a lifetime investment in your appearance, so get it right the first time.

BTW, you furnished only 4 partial photographic views, all very similar. Better determination as to the exact concerns and recommendations will be possible with full-face view from directly in front (not above), 45 degree oblique views from both sides, 90 degree side views from both sides, and a front-on, head-tipped back (worm's eye view) to evaluate the nostrils and tip. These are the "standard" views every experienced rhinoplasty surgeon utilizes in rhinoplasty planning. Best wishes!

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