Nose Tip Swelling?

I had a rhinoplasty 11 days ago, I had no bridge work done just my tip deprojected and my septum corrected. I am very swollen and sore to the touch. I know that swelling in any rhinoplasty procedure lasts longest in the tip but I am just curious as to when the hardness will begin to subside as well as the internal swelling. I am just panicing as my nose still looks projected Thanks

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In general, swelling after rhinoplasty takes months and months to fully resolve, and the tip generally takes the longest. The initial swelling may disappear after 2 weeks, but residual swelling lasts much longer.  

Swelling and rhinoplasty

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Swelling will take months and possibly even a year to resolve, this is especially true for tip work. Be patient and you will see subtle improvement each week. Best, Dr K

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