Nose Tip Shortening: Are Nostrils-wings & Nostrils Shortened Too?

When you would like to get shorten your nosetip to get a more harmonic and little nose result (to decrease/reduce the pullin out): Are your nosetrils/wings & blow wholes are going to be shorten to automaticcally? Or do they look smaller automatically because of a sort of optical illiusion effect of the shorten nosetip, in most of the times? Or do they have to get a sort of seperatly treatment after tiptreatment? The situation; for a ''normall' kinda male nose (not big or execptional case or so)

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Results of tip rhinoplasty

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In a typical case the nostrils are modified as well as the nose shortened.  This causes the nose tip to fall back and the tip to have an overall  more refined look.  This is done by modifying the lower later cartilages from the inside of the nose.

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