Tip Reduction Side Effects?

I am not sure if I need tip reduction. My surgeon reccommended I should have it otherwise if I have alar reduction, my bulbous tip of my nose will stand out. Is it true? What are the side effects of tip reduction (swelling, bruising, scars)? How long will ithey last?

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Tip plasty side effects include swelling and bruising

Tip reduction surgery can be performed and is known as a tip plasty. The cartilages in the tip can be shaped, altered, refined, and improve the overall look of the tip. The important factor to consider is that the rest of your nose should be in good balance. If so, then the tip plasty will bring the nasal tip into balance with the remainder of the nose. Bruising and swelling will last several weeks after the surgery, and just like all rhinoplasties, full healing take a year to see the final effects.

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Is Tip Reduction, Alarplasty Necessary?

Hi John,

From looking at the photo that you have provided, it does not appear that your need either  tip or alar reduction. 

Get a few opinions from well trained, qualified rhinoplasty surgeons.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Nasal Balance

Proper balance between different parts of the nasal structures is absolutely necessary to achieve the ideal aesthetic result. If you decide to trust your surgeon to operate on your face, listen to his/her recommendations. You should be aware of the morbidity and possible complications; they are minimal by most standards. Don;t compromise your results to minimize transient bruising and swelling.

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The nose is a 3 dimensional structure so changing one aspect will affect the other areas and views.

It is impossible for me to tell if you need tip reduction based on that very small picture you attached. You should do imaging on your nose so YOU can actually see what your nose and your tip would look like after surgery.

Tip reduction is very complex and must be done carefully and symmetrically. If done well then you get great results and if you truly needed it to begin with. If done poorly or if you didn't need it then you will regret it and end up needing a revision. Do more homework and do imaging.

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