Nose Tip Lift with Filler Restylane

I have heard that you can inject filler under the nose-tip to lift it and make it more attactive but I can't find much information about it online and the information I find online is different but I heard only a small drop should be injected. 1) Does this technique create an illusion of an elevated nose-tip or will the tip actually be lifted? 2) Where should the filler be injected exactely? a.Under the nosetip b. In the the columella or c. Between the nose tip and columella? 3) Risks?

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Fillers to the nose

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Soem non-surgeons and some surgeons are using fillers to improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose.  In my opinion it is really best for camouflaging some minor irregularities. Permanent solutions to raise the tip are best performed using surgical procedures.

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