How Will Nose Tip Look After Ear Cartilige is Removed?

Im an Asian female who had primary surgery with goretex and ear cartilige for tip. I was unhappy with the result and recently got the gortex implant removed about 3 months ago, the healing was great and my nose bridge returned to its pre-op state.My concern now is the ear cartilge placed on my nose tip, which now looks bigger compared to the rest of the nose. Is it possible to remove the ear cartilige from my nose tip for it to go back similar to looking like my original nose tip?

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Nose Appearance After Cartilage Removal

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It would be very difficult to tell without seeing photos and examining you in person. Most likely, the nose will need reconstruction surgery to restore function and an aesthetically appropriate appearance that you're hoping for.

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Nasal tip cartilage

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It is certainly possible to remove ear cartilage that was used as a tip graft.  Why was it not removed during the removal of the goretex?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Asian rhinoplasty.

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Hi if you could post photos it would be helpful to answer your question.   You can remove the cartilage graft.  Likely the graft was placed to enhance your nasal tip projection and definition.  If  it has not achieved the goals you desire you certainly can consider removal and your nose will most likely return to its pre surgery state. 

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
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Revision rhinoplasty surgery

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Dear NgCanada,

  • If you remove the tip graft, it will look like it did before any surgery
  • Alternatively, you can have the tip sculpted so that get a nice look
  • I would wait at least a year before doing anything surgical
  • It has been only 3 months and you want to make sure most, if not all, of the swelling has come down

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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